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Wierd al is pretty sweet, and i like this video, and animation made me crack up XD And a note to the KrAzY Canadian below this comment - Your calling the artist gay, yet you say "wanker". Secondly, the original song is American Idiot, so it's not like It's all about making fun of Canada, but "Chinese Idiot" doesn't flow too nicely now does it? >_> lol


That was pretty funny. A few skits were dumb, but a few were funny x2 to make up for it. A like the animation graphics alot too.
Some things to work on;
-Don't put the do-do-do-do-doo-doo thingy after EVERY skit, it's old and only good once.
-Don't use that AAAAAAAAAHH squeal thingy more than twice, it's obnoxious and very annoying.
-Maybe try and keep one group of ppl that re-appear so that they can be in multiple situations and whatnot.

good luck for future vids ^_^

eh.. not the best..

It was really simple, it looked like it was made with a simple GIF icon and a song in the background >_< i watched it a little over half through the song, and got way too bored. Although the sound quality of the song was pretty good, i wasn't into the simple video.

possibly-yodd responds:

It was a png Icon, not a gif.

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There is a sound glitch..

if sound is off, but you hit goo, sound turn back on. otherwise, vcery good game.

Too far from the original.

I loved the first one because it was all about finding the obscure insane methods of using the levels to kill the character. There were multiple things that looked right, but usually only one either complex or "hid in plain sight" easy way to beat it. And i loved how the levels had random secrets in a bunch of them.

However this game was more like "here's what you do; try not to die while you do some jump quest of timing quest, then afterwards you can use the spikes" It wasn't a challenge to figure out what to do, it was just annoying to do it. I liked it more in the first when you just had to die.

Good game

I thought it was pretty fun, but i didn't enjoy the loss system forcing you back into weaker tanks. I'm fine with losing bubbles, but you should not be able to lose more than your state and revert back >.<

I got to my fifth tank state and was fine, until i got swamped with the poison slowing bubbles, and when i couldn't move i kept getting bludgeoned until i was back to my 1st state >_>

HeroInteractive responds:

It's very subtle, but the game will help you get back up to where you were VERY fast. Don't believe me? Get up to the third tank state or something, and then lose all your bubbles. I think you'll be very surprised with how quickly you are up to the third tier again- it may even only take you 1 bubblefield to get there.

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It was okay

It was good, and had a uniqueness to it, but it didn't seem very "Lost Woodsy"

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